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Imagine a life focused on the creation of meaningful things

You Are Here for a Reason

  • You may feel anxious about your professional and creative path and what it means to be a creative in 2021.
  • You may be reeling from the massive shifts in the economic landscape that have made hard won skills less and less relevant.
  • You may want to build a viable, balanced, creative life that is focused on the creation and sharing of meaningful things.

You Are Not Alone.

My name is Jeff Tyack​

I  help artists and designers learn essential skills, and connect with other creatives through teaching and community design. 

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Clarity - Connection - Collaboration



Learn the specific frameworks, skills, and practices that will empower you to design the life you want. 

Start with my blog, Youtube channel or newsletter. If you connect with what I’m doing then look into any of my free or paid courses.


Find like minded people who love creating meaningful things. I’ve designed a home for us at

It is a digital oasis where you can connect with others, share resources, and ask questions that will help you overcome whatever challenges you are facing right now.



Once you’ve connected with amazing artists, designers and educators, what do you do with them? 

The ultimate goal is to create opportunities for emergence where a diverse group of creative individuals contribute their unique and valuable skills and perspectives in order to create totally new and unexpected works.

The Artnerd Colibrary is the first attempt at this with many additional collaborations to come.

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