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Intention Design for Creatives

Supercharge your personal and professional growth


The principles and practices of effective Intention Design and Management.


A personalized system of Intention Design using the included template.


Your interests through meaningful connection between your values and the work you do. 

Intention Design for Creatives is a multi-format learning experience designed to teach you how to effectively leverage Intention Design and Management through an agile and custom system focused on increasing the clarity and confidence of your personal and professional direction.

Through multiple project focused lessons and a customizable Notion template you will learn how to leverage Intention Design and Management to clarify your personal and professional direction by:

  • Reflecting on your values.
  • Identifying intentions connected to those values.
  • Clarifying and organizing those intentions in a balanced way.
  • Prioritizing which intentions to focus on.
  • Beginning to execute your intentions by connecting them to systems of action.
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