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Organize and Prioritize your Creative Life

You have a ton of beautiful meaningful powerful creative ideas

Why are you struggling to work on them?

Answer some questions honestly

  • Do you have creative ideas on your to-do list for months, years, or even decades? Ideas you think could be valuable to yourself or others you can’t finish or even start?
  • Do you struggle to integrate and prioritize your creative work with the rest of your busy life?
  • Have you ever come up with a brilliant creative idea and then dismissed it because you have no idea how you would start to work on it?
  • To solve all of the above, have you gorged yourself with traditional productivity advice and products and never entirely figured out how to apply it to your creative work?
  • Do the answers to all of these questions start to make you feel guilt, shame, doubt, and frustration and question whether you actually have what it takes to do creative work and live a creative life?
You have what it takes

It's OK.

You are not alone and you are not the problem.

(I promise you have what it takes.)

You have what it takes to start decreasing your overwhelm and consistently take your brilliant (sometimes less than brilliant) creative ideas from concept to completion.

You have what it takes to prioritize and finish your creative projects clearly and confidently.

You have what it takes to build a viable, balanced, creative life focused on meaningful work.

You probably don’t have an effective system to funnel all your creativity and hard work into finished projects.

You may have tried to create a good system by reading mountains of traditional productivity material in order to Get Things Done by Mastering the 7 Tiny Atomic Habits every 12 Week Year.

You might even occasionally clear your daily to-do list and have consistently gotten to “Inbox Zero”.

So why haven’t you made the progress on your ambitious creative projects that are so important to you?

Creative Work is Different

Because traditional productivity approaches don't work well with creative work.


To-do lists, habit design, goal setting, yearly reviews, and stoic focus can all help you get more stuff done, but is it the right stuff?

The reality is, creative work is different

It requires a different approach. 

It requires you to navigate the unknowable. 

It requires flexibility so that when you learn, your work reflects that learning. 

It also requires intentionally and unapologetically exploring the spaces between “Amazing Creative Idea” and “Execute! Execute! Execute!”.

If you feel frustrated and confused about the lack of progress on your creative work despite “getting things done”, this is why.

Jeff Tyack

There is a better way.

I will teach you how.

I’m Jeff Tyack, Artist, Designer, Educator and the founder of Antifragile-Creative. 

Over the last twenty years, I’ve helped thousands of creatives create stronger more meaningful work while moving forward on their paths to building viable, balanced creative lives.

If you have been struggling with guilt, frustration, confusion and overwhelm when it comes to starting and finishing your creative work then I hope you will join me for:

Project Management for Creatives

Organize and Prioritize your Creative Life

 Project Management for Creatives is an online learning experience designed around empowering you to overcome the unique and specific challenges of managing creative projects.

 This course is not your average “Get things done” or “Organize your To-do list” type of productivity experience.

 Project Management for Creatives will walk you through a step-by-step process that produces a personalized system of creative project management that leverages design thinking,  agile design methods, and a little bit of mindfulness.

Bridge the Gap Between Great Ideas and Great Works

Building a life focused on the creation of innovative meaningful things requires bridging the gap between a great idea and the finished articulation of that idea. 

Project Management for Creatives is designed to teach you to do just that in a consistent, balanced, and intentional way. 

By the end of the learning experience, you will be collecting great ideas, organizing those ideas, prioritizing what to work on now, and then executing your creative ideas with clarity and confidence.

Not only will you be getting more creative work done, but those original creative ideas will morph and evolve and grow in ways that you could never have predicted. 




When you join Project Management for Creatives you get

Three Windows Looking Out on the City

Learn the specific frameworks and skills required to master your creative projects

  • One year’s access to the interactive lessons and collaborative
    experiences that will help you design and use your new Individualized
    Project Management system.
  • A 7-day no-risk money-back guarantee.

Connect with a diverse community of fellow creatives who are redefining what it means to build viable, balanced, creative lives.

  • One Year’s access to the Antifragile Creative Mighty Network Space where we will explore as a community the skills and frameworks necessary for creative professional and personal growth.

Leverage the amazingly diverse and deep knowledge of your fellow students and members of the Antifragile Creative community

  • One Year’s access to Antifragile Creative’s live collaboration spaces.
  • Give input on the direction and priorities of the Antifragile Creative community.


This will vary from student to student. 

There are 8 core lessons, varying in size and intensity. Some will take 30 minutes, and others will take longer.
Most lessons contain a specific assignment which can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour.
You will have access to the material and the community for an entire year so feel free to take your time and revisit lessons as necessary.

Antifragile Creative is a growing community of amazing diverse creatives who are redefining what it means to build a balanced, viable, creative life.
It houses various forms of digital educational experiences including courses, collaborations, and events.

The live QA sessions and collaborations will happen at least once a month and possibly more if there is interest and demand.

No. The course is tool agnostic but we do have recommendations and conversations about what works (or doesn’t) for people within the community. 

The purpose of the course is to teach fundamental systems and frameworks that can be implemented using a variety of tools including analog ones.

Yes. Join and if you don’t feel the course isn’t going to help you can contact me directly within 7 days of your purchase for a full refund.