Your Creativity Work Growth Matters

So why is it so difficult to build a viable, balanced creative life ?

What would it feel like not just to survive the pace of change but thrive because of it?

My name is Jeff Tyack, and I’m obsessed with helping creatives like you build stronger, more connected, more balanced lives focused on the consistent exploration and production of innovative ideas.

Jeff Tyack

The professional landscape for creatives has never been less stable.

If you find yourself struggling with a sense of overwhelm caused by:

  • Confusion over what you should focus on to move your creative growth forward.
  • Frustration about the gap between where you are professionally and where you want to be.
  • Guilt about not being able to focus on your creative work as much as you should.
  • Fear about the pace of change going on within creative domains.


You are not alone

That sense of overwhelm is not because you lack work ethic, talent, focus, potential, or any other negative false narratives that often plague creatives.

Confusion, frustration, guilt, and fear are the direct products of the dysfunctional frameworks taught formally and informally about what it takes to become a “serious” and “professional” creative.

I invite you to join me as we explore ways to leverage more agile and balanced approaches to your creative and intellectual growth in order effectively apply your creative potential to the life and career you want.

On this site, we explore questions about:

What sort of conceptual frameworks related to personal and professional growth can we leverage in order to build the creative life we want?

How can we develop systems of creative productivity, including habit design, project management, and practice design, that will help us create meaningful work in a consistent and balanced way?

How might we design learning systems focused on effective ways to explore and connect ideas, including personal knowledge management (PKM), curriculum design, skills development, and agile research?

How do we share our creative work through effective audience design and connection?

Ready to get started?

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