The one skillset that will supercharge your creative development

Project Cycle

We all struggle to create good work. Work that feels connected, work that is meaningful, work that meets our sense of self-potential, work that moves us towards our aspirations. No matter what stage you are in in your creative development, that sense of what you make not quite being where you think it should be […]

Where to begin when you are ready to shift from goal setting to intention design

Intentions to Interest

Intention design is a powerful way to find meaningful, actionable, and flexible direction for your creative and professional development. An intention design framework that focuses on present action instead of future states of being can not only take you further faster but will also be more connected to your core values in meaningful ways. In […]

3 Reasons Why Designing Intentions is Better than Setting Goals

Another Castle

Do you struggle to set meaningful goals and complete them? You are not alone. Throughout our professional development, we are taught to believe that the key to success, no matter the domain or timeframe, is to set specific goals, work until the goal is complete and then move on to the next goal. We are […]