The Art of Keeping your Projects Agile and Moving Forward.


In his declaration that “Agile is Dead (Long Live Agility)” Dave Thomas(one of the creators of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development ) shares the essence of effective project design. 1. Find out where you are 2. Take a small step towards your goal 3. Adjust your understanding based on what you learned 4. Repeat […]

1 Rule and 6 Principles to Keep You and Your Projects Moving Forward

One Rule Six Principles Diagram

The one rule of project design – A.K.A. why college tuition is so expensive I was once called into an emergency meeting when I worked in college admissions. The entire admissions staff, including a Vice President, 2 Directors, 2 Associate Directors, 3 Assistant Directors, several admissions counselors, and a couple of clerical staff gathered in […]